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About Us

Halfmoon Works is a small wood working shop located in upstate New York.  We began setting up shop in 2011 and now have a beautiful, well appointed wood working workshop that specializes in fine home products.  We design and hand make cutting boards, wooden wine accessories and fun outdoor products.  We also cater to our area's other local small business' by designing and building display cases and customized products.

Halfmoon Works' mission is to employ  young adults with developmental differences that have the ability and interest to earn a living through wood working.  We have employed many  part time young adults over the past few years.  Currently we are partnering with BOCES and developing a work based learning program for students to gain real work experience in our workshop.

Our Beginning

Halfmoon Works first came about from its founding organization the Fast Break Fund. In 1995 brothers Tony & Larry Hynes provided summer camp scholarships to children from families with low incomes in the NY capital region and surrounding counties.  The brothers expanded their reach and began offering sports clinics each season to children ages 6 to 17 with developmental disabilities. Their work officially became the Fast Break Fund, a non-profit organization established in 1999.

In the many years since the organization’s inception, thousands of children have participated in Fast Break programs and gained valuable lifelong skills such as responsibility, physical fitness, dedication and teamwork.

Many of the Fast Break children are now growing up and graduating high school and are young adults facing the challenges of our hectic world. Taking personal development beyond sports, Halfmoon Works offers employment opportunities to these and other young adults. They are creating quality products and learning to become productive, responsible members of society.


Meet Our Owner

The heart and passion of Halfmoon Works comes from Tony Hynes, the organization’s president. Tony’s experience with children with disabilities combined with his expertise in woodworking led him to create a work based program for the now older Fast Break kids. He fully outfitted the facility, hired qualified staff and began production. Nowadays, he personally encourages each enthusiastic worker and directs the production of all the Halfmoon Works quality products.